Australian Night 2017 :: Thank You!




On May 10th, we hosted an event at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo to showcase Australia as an ideal destination, inviting people from the Japanese advertisement and film industry. 

Spinnaker Films 1

イベントにはアカデミー撮影賞受賞DOPのレジェンド、ジョン・シール氏にお越しいただき、「マッドマックス 怒りのデス・ロード」の撮影裏話を熱く、語っていただきました。

We had the pleasure of the Academy Award-winning cinematographer, John Seale ACS ASC join us and share us his experience of filming ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Fury Road was his first digital film. On top of that, he was 72 years old at the time. 

And apparently, it was thought to be filmed in 3D during initial discussions…

Spinnaker Films 3


Because most of the film was shot inside vehicles (50-60%), John shared that the key was to always question, ‘how can I shoot this minimally? As compactly as possible?’ 

Spinnaker Films 4



Naturally, the film had numerous action sequences, which was not only physically demanding of the stunt teams but also of those filming them. With every crew member’s safety in mind, he filmed them as efficiently as possible whilst making sure there was enough coverage for the edit. I was inspired by his passion for film-making and his cool, calm, and collected approach to his work.

トーク最後に、「知人、リドリー・スコット監督はオーストラリアで撮影をして(2017年公開エイリアン: コヴェナント)、オーストラリアのクルー以外と撮影したくなくなるほど、とても優秀だった、と言ってました」とオーストラリア人クルーの売り込みもしっかり忘れないこの姿勢、流石ジョン先生です。

It was memorable that John closed the talk with the following note- (paraphrased)
‘Ridley Scott, after filming The Covenant told me that his experience of shooting in Australia made him not want to shoot anywhere else. The crew here is just that good.’ 




Spinnaker Films had never hosted an event of this scale, and frankly, we were a bit nervous going into this!

But we were extremely humbled and over-the-moon to have a great turnout of over 120 guests (many of which were familiar faces) on the day. 


大使館及び政府関係の皆様やTreasury Wine Estate様にもご協力いただき、素敵な場所で美味しいオージー・ワインも提供することができました。ご協力してくれた皆様本当にありがとうございます。

During pre-production,  Team Spinnaker was in Sydney, so we could not have pulled this off without the many hands at WAWACinema. We appreciate everything they have done for us. We were also lucky to have the support from Treasury Wine Estate and their beautiful Australian wines. 

For those wondering, at the event, we thoroughly enjoyed the following-

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Sparkling;
Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay; and
Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon.





We hope that this event was able to spark some interest in visiting Australia.

Our sincerest thank yous to all the guests for coming, and we hope to see you again sometime soon.

Thank you,

Team Spinnaker


Filming at Cable Beach

Happy New Year!





Happy 2017! Hope everyone enjoyed their new years, with good company & spirits.

Here in Sydney, Australia, Summer’s officially arrived. Forecast for this Wednesday is 38°C. (Help us).

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our recent work with Engine Films – TVC for an online RPG called Granblue Fantasy that we shot last November. Exciting times were had on Cable Beach with that 4WD!

Spike Jonze


毎年5月に開催される光と音楽の祭典Vivid SydneyにてSpike Jonze監督の講演会を聴きに行ってきました!長年自分の髪の毛は自分で切っているそうで、質疑応答中に観客ひとりの散髪をし、腕前を披露しました。

We went to Spike Jonze’s talk as part of the Vivid Ideas Game-Changers Talk Series. He gave one of the audience members a hair-cut during the Q&A session.